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In 1898 an energetic young man aged 20 produced his first timepiece. So well was it received that the business of M. A. Rapport & Co was born. Maurice A. Rapport could have had no idea that the business that he had founded would become a household name in clockmaking and horology throughout the world and that the clocks produced by the company would find themselves gracing fine homes in all four corners of the globe. Four generations later the business remains a private limited company and still follows the philosophy, laid down by the founder, of innovation, quality and service continually investing in technology and customer care. Rapport horological products have always been stylish with quality in mind. Our latest ranges offer new and exciting designs, finished to the highest standard that you have come to expect. For the ultimate in horological expertise you need look no further than the Rapport Collection made exclusively for the connoisseur of fine products.


For more than 115 years the Rapport story has followed its philosophy laid down by its founder, Maurice A. Rapport of innovation, quality and service. Over a century later, in this fast changing world, Rapport has stayed true to these principles, maintaining its foundations, continuing to establish new standards in the quality and craftsmanship of its products to our customers across the globe. Our passion to exceed our customers’ expectations no matter how big or small has ensured we have become leaders in the world of horology. We don’t compromise so why should you.


As a fourth generation family business at the heart of everything we do are our company values. This tradition has shaped our approach and has enabled us to create products with a unique elegance that will stand the test of time. Rapport have called upon all the crafts developed in the company in four generations of manufacturing luxury horological products. We have married together the skills of a cabinet maker, the clockmaker and the electronic engineer to create a product range that is the perfect compliment in any home. Attention to detail and the quality and choice of materials used ensures the products meets the highest standards of the most discerning customer.


To remain true to our values of innovation, quality and providing exceptional customer service to all our customers. To go from strength to strength with our commitment to keeping our products and customers at the forefront of all that we do, something each generation and our company founder would be proud of. From our history dating back to 1898 and our global brand presence today, Rapport is leading the way with our desire to be the very best. As a family business we take great pride in what we do and this can be seen with the hard work and dedication of the Rapport team. Welcome to the Family.

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